For those who come into the new year like a screaming new born baby, hands waving in the air, your lungs being used to  full capacity, I hear you. I am you. My New Years Eve was very eventful, and when it came down to the inevitable New Years Kiss, I was not left disappointed.

However, waking up on the first of January, I had a realisation. Yes, I know this sounds super cliché but this only happened because of where I was. My friend Isaac, hosted the party alongside his step brother. It took place in the most gorgeous house. This house was touched up with frost and overlooked lush green fields. This was my view the bedroom where I was sleeping. Being born bred in Suffolk, these kind of views are not uncommon, however, the meaning behind these views were largely significant to me. What I mean by this is that I came to cherish these views. Not because I was having an epiphany and I now need to find who I really am. Not at all. What occurred was something quite different and something that will/ is affecting many of us today.

Global warming.

I know, I know this sounds rather ludicrous considering what I’ve been talking about but listen. The  views were beautiful and glistening, but how long can we expect to have them for. Right now, hundred of reports of flooding are drowning news stations in England, as well as spontaneous wildfires igniting in dry wood forests in Australia. The weather is effecting everything and everyone. What really strikes me is how people can still profess that Global Warming ‘isn’t a thing’ and that ‘it doesn’t exist’. These kind of deluded conclusions are still springing up in all corners of the world, and especially in the more developed world. This is heartbreaking because for some reason, our mentality is; if it’s doesn’t affect us directly, it isn’t our problem. You can see this across the board in regards to policy. For example, one of the more controversial policies set up by UKIP was to decrease financial aid from £10 million to £2 million a year WORLDWIDE. Of course, this has nothing to do with global warming but what it illustrates is that Britain especially, has a no-can-do attitude towards things that we have in the past engaged with but will no longer help on an extensive level.

The world hasn’t been all bad. There was the Kyoto Protocol in the 90’s and last year, 2015, Paris held a summit that expressed many of the major powers of the world, including Britain, would substantially help decrease the effects of global warming. But what the Kyoto protocol shows is that in the face of the media, Britain is all willing to help out, but behind number 10 Downing Street, the issue is really left behind closed doors.

This is an issue that really matters and one that we should be taking incredibly seriously. It may not be effecting us ridiculously at the moment, however in a couple of decades, who know, we may never see a white Christmas again.

Please take an active approach to reducing your carbon footprint. Turn lights out within you leave the room, turn off plug sockets, install double glazing, use solar panels, take showers instead of baths and let the water run for a maximum of 5 minutes. These things individually are small and rather insignificant changes to your daily life, but collectively WILL have a large impact on the environment we live in. If we all make a change, change will occur. It’s that simple.

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