In light of my recent exams finishing, I have found that I now have an unprecedented amount of free time. To revision mode me, this was the dream. Now, like most summers I am posed with two options: to do, or not to do. What I mean by this is I could spend the whole of my summer completing small tasks, doing small productive things which would potentially culminate in a “successfully” spent summer holidays. However, personally, this is not a great use of time. Yes it is true that anyone can spend the time they have however they want. But to me, an unprecedented amount of time calls on an unprecedented array of opportunities. I want to spend this summer completely different to any one of them before and I have one solution: YOLO.

Okay, please do not stop reading, I mean I want to stop writing at the thought of using the abbreviation YOLO as the crux to this piece, but hear me out. From how I have been raised, I have accepted that we only live once. So, for this summer (as I can afford the time) I will be adopting a new mentality. This is not to say I am not usually aware of my very own mortality, but in the least creepy and sadistic way possible, it will be at the forefront of my mind almost all the time. I want this summer to be one of opportunities and a way I’m going to assess this will be by making blog posts more regularly so I can keep you updated. As well as providing you with some pretty SICK content (lol), it will be a way of assuring that I complete this summer the way I want to.

New opportunities and experiences I want to try out:

  1. Learn how to cook (yes, university is not an avenue for this)
  2. Read 5 new books, that do not include fantasy.
  3. Run
  4. Become vegan (DO NOT RED ALERT THIS)
  5. Understand another cultures history (Have that one in the bag with trips to Italy, and France)
  6. Try different types of alcohol
  7. Finish short story
  8. Write on blog more
  9. Sing more

All of these new things will hopefully allow me to say at the end of this summer that I have been productive as well as active. This is a tailored list for my needs and wants, but I strongly urge you to write your self a list like this at the beginning of your summer, if you have one. Even if you do not have a summer holiday, then maybe instead of making this a ‘Summer of Opportunity’, make this a ‘Year of Opportunity’. Allow this mentality to trickle into your everyday life because trust me, you will feel better for it. And if not, there is always a great new series on Netflix instead.



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