Up until today, I shared one thing in common with Orlando, the first half of its name. Never have I ever really given it much thought into the goings on there. To me, it was just another place in America. But after the recent events that have unfurled, I thought it only right that I become more acquainted with it:

  • Previous name: Jernigan
  • Population: 255, 483 citizens
  • State: Florida

These are the kind of facts that lit up my computer screen; or so I wish. When typing in ‘Orlando’, the first topic that sprang up was MASS SHOOTING. These two words have pasted themselves onto the city, becoming one of the sole reasons why people will research this amazing city in the near future. It is because of the acts of one man, that Orlando will forever be known as the city that accommodated the ‘biggest mass shooting in U.S History to date’. Being heralded with this title will certainly have a negative effect on the city.

When approaching these subjects or when writing generally, I try to stay as objective as possible. However, this cannot be done here. Not only was this an act of terror, it was an act of HATE. This man specifically went into the nightclub ‘Pulse’ armed with a handgun and assault rifle with the intent to kill. His direct mission succeeded, as he claimed 50 innocent lives, not including his own. This one man has not only wounded the lives of the families, but also the tenuous trust a lot of Americans have with the Muslim community. Donald Trump has been recorded again stating that all non-American Muslims are not to not be allowed in the country if he wins presidency. But, more shockingly than this, he had the audacity to not even mention the Second Amendment, or the accountability that gun sellers should hold when shootings like this occur.

In America, because of the Gun Law, mass killings are inevitable. This is fact. People can gain access to fire arms at the drop of a hat, both legally and illegally, means that murder and horror will never fade. This is fact. But what is not fact is what will happen if the second amendment is abolished, a policy that was written for its time which happens to be hundreds of years ago…

Secondly, this crime was one caused by hate, hate for the LGBT+ community and for anybody to refute this is lunacy. Earlier today, I watched an 8-minute clip of Owen Jones, British Columnist, trying to drill into these other reporters heads that this was specifically targeted at the LGBT community. He used the analogy that if someone walked into a synagogue and killed up to 50 people, it would be called, and ONLY called, an anti-sematic crime. However, the other reporters were trying to palm it off as a crime committed due to the certain faith he held, which was dubiously known anyway. This was idiocy as it shows that LGBT news is, in this country, being deflected. I was so happy that he ended up walking out of the live report.

It seems that everyone has a different view on what happened but what thing is certain: pain. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, lovers, friends, people of all descriptions lost someone. This is something we must not forget, amidst the blame and name calling, we cannot forget that the only way to get through a tragedy like this is to unite. Therefore Trump, it is NOT to ban millions of innocent and pleasant people from America. It is NOT to try and make this out to be something that it is clearly not. This IS a hate crime but we WILL allow Orlando’s and the world’s LGBT+ community to flourish and love in a safe and equal environment.

I pray for you Orlando.

Source: A clip of Owen Jones in the Sky News Broadcast. Please Watch.


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