After being back in England for a day, I’ve been doing the menial tasks requited of you post holiday. One of them was to look through my blog and try and think about another thing to write about. Yes, I could write about an array of subjects but something really annoyed me today, and I think I’d like to share that instead.

While looking through the statistics of these blog posts, I’ve been both happy and saddened. Over half of them have got hundreds of views, which is fantastic and I am forever grateful as this is such an amazing community to be a part of. However, the posts that were the most popular were my least favourite (Exam Time being the most viewed). Next, I looked through my stats for my FGM piece which was my favourite to write about because it is something I feel very passionate about. But, it got one of the lowest viewings out of all of my posts. This got me thinking, in order for my readership to grow I need to write posts that are really popular, right? However, the trend right now shows that the pieces I’m not that fussed about writing are the ones that people want to see…

This puts me into an awkward situation. Do I compromise my literary integrity for more views, or do I write about substantial and meaningful issues that will get less views and my blog could then crash and burn. On one hand I want to, but then again this blog should be about what I want to write about and put across. It’s taken me a while to think about what niche I wanted to be a part of, and now I know will that all have to change?

So, this is where I need your help. Do I write about bubble gum subjects that are nice to read on a commute, or about the hard hitting reality of our cruel and viscous world that will inevitably get less views because of a mix of not wanting to know and apathy.

Please comment on this post or on the social media post what I should do, I really am quite stuck.

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