It’s this time of year where the scarves and gloves are freed from their dusty homes. Where the frost bites the window panes and the cold clings to every door. This is my favourite time of the year.

I know it sounds cliche and obvious, but doesn’t the snow make everything feel wonderful? Growing up in the countryside, I have been welcomed in the morning with some astonishing sights. The planes dusted with the touch of frost; a runway for spring.

It is with these sights I have welcomed the blanket of winter. The shroud that the cold provides, it is synonymous with protection. Usually you would think the opposite. However winter has an invisible power that has no physical attributes but it coats us with an immense sense of community. When winter peaks in, we light the candle of family.

It is around this time of year we all come together, so after the kind of year we have had this season is perfect for recuperation. Not only does winter provide us with celebration and whimsical fantasies, it coerces you to stay inside. To wrap yourself up in not only a blanket, but love.

Winter is the perfect end to our 2016. Our twisted 2016.


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