As the winters days have hit, lights go out and fires come on, we must look to the east. We must understand that at that very moment, while we lounge in comfort, those in Syria are mourning the unnecessary death of their loved ones.

Cases where children having breathed in chlorine gas from barrel bombs, are becoming commonplace. Babies are being ripped away from their life saving incubators to free them from the rubble of another bombing. The threat that Russia are posing is very real and very destructive.

It was an unfortunate phone call I had during the dead of night that has reignited my awareness of these frightful times; I must be thankful of them at any rate. But it has made me realise how selfish I am. I’m selfish to be thinking when the next time I’m going to go out with my friends. I’m selfish to think ‘what if I don’t like my Christmas presents’. I’m selfish to think ‘looks like it’s pasta again for dinner’.

I’m selfish.

Not only that, it seems I have fallen into the rabbit hole and not come out. It seems that I have been living in a rose-tinted world for the past couple of months; a place where apathy is welcomed with open arms.

The fact that it takes my opening up the Facebook app on my phone to be greeted with a video about the goings on in Aleppo. That it is that that snaps me back.

But no more. No more will I stand by the wayside. No more will I take twisted comfort in the fact that I am free to live and love whom and where I choose.

We must stop them, I do not know how but I do know this; we all deserve a free and beautiful life. Please lets us allow the Syrians to have this.

For they know, Allahu akbar. 


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