When I cross the street, it is my duty to make sure the road is clear.

When my friend is sad, it is my duty to be there and listen.

When the first of the month comes around, it is my duty to pay rent.

When my team is down, it is my duty to boost morale.

These are all example of day to day duties that I believe make me a good person. I believe that in life, we all hold certain social duties to ensure that those around us are supported. Therefore, I believe it is:

My duty to ensure those around me are politically aware.

What I mean by this is that it is mine, and our, civic and national duty to make sure that the people in our lives, that can vote, have the knowledge to equip them to make the right decision on the 8th June 2017. This means that if you come across a policy that you think that some might be unaware of, whether it is affiliated with your political party or not, then you have a duty to make sure that everyone knows about it.

For example, if conservatives were to be elected then they would call for a free vote on reinstating the legality of fox hunting. Now, I believe it is our duty as citizens to make sure that we spread the word. Or, if they were to be elected, they would spend ONLY 0.7% national income on international aid, falling from 9% to 0.7% under conservative rule in just 7 years. Alongside this, their central policy has been dubbed the ‘dementia tax’, capping support, and they want to raise tuition fees.

I find it hard to not question someone’s character if they are voting for policies like that. BUT I would rather someone voting for policy than stagnant political ideology. Situations and circumstance change. When I voted I 2015, I voted for a different political party than I will this year. That is because I am progressive, not regressive. I want to help the many, not the few.

As a student, this election is very important for my generation. More of us are registered than ever, we need to become the political force we once were.

So, it is your DUTY to vote for policy, not what party you voted for last time because it is easy. Please think about what each policy will do for the MANY not the FEW.

Attached to this is the manifestos of all the major parties- please vote for policy, not party.